Privacy Policy

We never profile our visitors

Privacy & Security

We believe in a private internet and stand behind organizations that also support this ideology. To do our part, we do not use any Google products (or any other profiling tools) on our domains for tracking or analytics. We know that we might not be the entire solution to privacy and profiling, though we recognize we are part of the solution and do not support tools that go against these fundamental beliefs.

Some of our web server logs may contain your public IP address when you request a page from our website, but that's it. If you submit a ticket on our website, the data you enter is stored alongside your ticket. If you prefer that this data is deleted after your ticket is resolved, please contact us.

If you are a customer (a business, organization, or individual who has purchased from us), then some of your personal data may be stored in our systems. This data is not accessed outside of our business application ecosystems. We maintain our own databases with industry-standard encryption, 2FA enforcement, and strict access to our information systems. We log every data transaction from our databases and regularly audit these logs via automatic reporting methods. In addition, we utilize intelligent firewalls in our internal networks, regularly scan our systems for malware, and log all trafic in and out of our networks.

We do not store any payment method information, such as credit or debit cards or banking information. All payments made via our online payment portal are sent directly to Stripe. You can read more about how Stripe handles your data here. We accept nearly every payment method in the case where you wish not to use Stripe's services.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, or would like all of your data removed from our systems, please email info@cdsi or call us at (226) 773-0083 and follow the prompts to our Service and Support line.

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